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How a person makes a purchase decision has changed since the advent of the internet. Homeowners and business owners are using referral networks and social media to get an overview of a company's reputation before they pick up the phone. For more information on how to manage social media and referral networks, call 303-748-5851 or email us at info@downsdigitalmarketing.com for a free consultation.

Social Media and Referral Network Management


Social Media Management Services

Professional Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn pages build credibility for a business. Each platform can generate referring links back to a company’s website. It is not unusual for Facebook to become a leading referring domain for a website. This increases the popularity of the website and improves its organic ranking. Downs Digital will evaluate your social media presence. We will make a recommendation on what platforms are the most appropriate for your business. Many business owners like to do social media themselves. We will complement any existing social media effort and take it to a professional level to create competitive advantage on the web. 


Referral Network Management Services

A great way to increase sales and improve organic ranking is to leverage popular referral networks like Angie's List, Yelp and Team Dave Logan. Strong testimonials on a top referral network create leads with high closing rates. Denver has about 60 local networks. Companies should have a consistent brand message on all these platforms.