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One of our customers stated, "What good is a website if it cannot not be found on the web." We told them they called the right SEO company. We have been providing them top organic ranking and a dominant web presence since 2011. Downs Digital is an expert SEO agency. We have invested tens of thousands of dollars in SEO training over the last ten years. Google and Bing are getting smarter. SEO methodologies that worked two years ago might get a website down ranked by Google today. The biggest issue in 2018 is making sure your website loads fast and is mobile friendly. If you are tired of the hype and want top organic ranking for your company's website,  call 303-748-5851 or email us at info@downsdigitalmarketing.com now for a free SEO consultation.


SEO is like a stool. It has three legs - accessibility, relevancy, and popularity. Building and launching a website is the easy part of search engine optimization. The website is optimized for search. This means the copy and meta content have high relevancy. Search engines can access and index each page of the website. The work begins when it is necessary to make a website popular to gain organic ranking. The cost to make a website popular depends on the willingness of a company's competitors to compete. In any web market, the most popular website gets the most clicks, has the highest organic ranking, and drives the most revenue. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Website Popularity Campaigns 

A great way to make a website more popular is to use social media, referral networks and other advertising efforts to drive traffic to the website. Downs Digital is a full service agency that offers professional social media, referral network and media buy services. SEO is a cumulative and a sustained effort over years not months. Downs Digital will make the changes necessary to maintain organic ranking each month. We provide monthly reports on organic ranking and the marketing effectiveness of each popularity campaign.


Want your company’s website found on the web? Call 303-748-5851 or email us at info@downsdigitalmarketing.com to set-up an appointment for a free web marketing consultation.