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Downs Digital offers professional photography and video production services. Most photography and video work is to provide images for websites that we are developing. Downs Digital has the equipment to handle indoor and outdoor photo and video shoots. We offer both studio and on-site photography services.


Why use video? If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video must be worth 10,000. A video is a great way to improve the messaging and branding on your company or organization website. Since videos improve web presence, this is a great way to search engine optimize your website for Google and social media pages.

Photography, Audio & Video Services


Radio and TV Production

If you are thinking about radio or TV, please talk to us first. A great jingle usually makes or breaks an ad’s success. We are glad to walk you through the whole radio and TV ad production process, which will save you money. Here are some examples of Downs Digital's radio ads.


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