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Since websites run on computers, they generate data about visitor behavior. Web analytics can tell us what pages visitors like, how long they stay, and what buttons and forms work best for conversion. Downs Digital uses this information to tweak the website each month to improve visitor experience. Why is this important? A well-designed website improves user experience, commonly referred to as UX. Google is all about user experience when ranking similar websites in organic searches. 

Marketing Effectivness

Lead Affirmation

A company that operates in a competitive market relies on traditional marketing, content marketing, social media and referral networks with the goal of making their website more popular than the websites of their competitors. The most popular websites in a given market get the most clicks, have the highest organic ranking and generate the most revenue. Downs Digital uses lead affirmation to determine which marketing activities are generating the most traffic to the website. 


To measure marketing effectiveness, we encourage companies to ask new customers, "How did you find us?" Tracked over time, these responses can be applied to marketing costs to discover the return on investment, or ROI, for each marketing activity. This information lets business owners know which marketing activities are working and which are not. ROI helps businesses refine their efforts by concentrating on activities that are the most effective in generating new customer business. Marketing Effectiveness allows companies to get the most out of their marketing dollars each year. Need help on how to drive more revenue from your website? Call us at 303-748-5851 or email us at info@downsdigitalmarketing.com.